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If any of you have your particular favourites, mail the link to me.

Mage-UK (Solomage)
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Angelrose 2010

Mage-UK, Apr 12, 10 5:02 AM.
20 April 2010
    * More Gallery images uploaded (Thanks Earania)

17 April 2010
    * Banner Image updated

16 April 2010
    * New Photo's uploaded - See Gallery (Thanks Amiling)

    * Removed 'Most Active' tab.    
    * Member Blogs Added (Top Right)
    * Member images resized in Gallery View. (Thumbnails will still appear 'squashed')

13 April 2010
     * Member details updated (Roster)
     * Email account set-up : (screenshots / links etc. that you want available)

We are giving the website another trial run.
Not all of the features are enabled as the subscription ended a while ago, however if we get enough interest, we will pay for a 6 month subscription, removing all advertisements and will allow me to use all of the features of guildportal, and allow us to use an easy to remember URL (


Solomage (Solobubble)

Welcome to Angelrose

Mage-UK, Mar 21, 09 8:08 PM.
Welcome to Guild AngelRose on Server Eonar (EU).
Please contribute images, forum items, articles.
You can email screenshots or links to myself, Mage-UK (Solomage) -
Let us know any ideas you may have for website content.

Most of all, have fun in the game.

Mage-UK (Solomage / Solobubble)
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